How to connect to internet from ethernet port on 2nd pc.

Hey, so i have my bigpond internet setup on my main pc,works fine connected to a router but i want to connect to the internet via ethernet cable on my 2nd pc. I have a ethernet port on the wall near it so that should help. I don't want to run a long ethenet cable from my router to my 2nd pc because there's a ethernet port right next to it. Just need help figuring out how to do this. Thank you.
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  1. So that i make sure i understand everything.

    On the PC you currently have hooked up, does that main signal also come from a wall jack in that room? (as in the whole house is already wired so that the wall jack actually works in the other rooms)
  2. Yea it's connected via a ethernet jack on the wall as well.
  3. Then it should be as simple as plugging the second PC into the second wall jack. Usually houses with wall jacks all through them have a main hub somewhere that runs the RJ45 cables throughout the house. As long as that jack is wired you should be fine. You shouldn't need a router, modem or anything else from a wall jack.
  4. That was the first thing i tried but it doesn't pick up the connection, no blinking lights or anything even in windows plus the telephone line has no signal, no beep at all.
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    It sounds like your port is "Dead", You need to find out where the wires from that wall jack go so you can plug the end of it in to your router. I am guessing if you have multiple Ethernet ports throughout the house. They should all go to a central location, Usually a closet, basement, laundry room, maybe where you heater or AC are. Somewhere away from the main living area. That is where you need to setup your router or a switch to plug in the end of the port you want and make it active.
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