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HD 7770 or something better for $130

Hey guys, I am getting a new graphics card and am thinking of a HD 7770. I'm in Australia and it costs $125. I don't want to spend any more than this. I want to know if this is the best card out there for $130.

BUDGET: Under $130.

USAGE: Gaming (Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, Arma 2 etc.) decent settings and movies.

Antec 650W PSU
Intel Core i5 3570 3.2GHz
ASUS P8Z77-m Motherboard




Thanks to any reply.
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  2. Does that site ship around Australia? If not, can't get that one. Good deal though.
  3. Think so, quote ;

    ARC is an Australian company serving Australia; it has been delivering quality parts at constant low prices to many customers since 1990. With 5 Locations throughout NSW, ARC is one of the most popular retailers for the price conscious market. Through our stores, we try to provide a fast and simple purchasing method to our customers.

    ARC Computers are one of those IT companies having the longest service history in our community. This means we have been servicing Sydney and all around Australia without changing our name or identity since 1990. ARC does not run away from our warranty responsibilities. Unfortunately many companies have been doing this in the past and are still doing so, giving our industry a bad name. While we strive to deliver quality goods to our community, ARC maintains the highest possible service level to customers on top of lowest prices everyday.

    In the past 21 years, we always try harder to stay in front to bring our customers the latest technologies and quality products. ARC needs and values the support from you - our customers of the past, present and future. However, your supportive feedbacks are always helpful for possible future improvement of the company.

    Our customers include local families, Governments, Schools and SMEs, as well as professional consultants. There is no deal that is too small or too big for us to provide our expertise. We would like to work hard with the communities to a brighter IT future.
  4. Ok, cheers!
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