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Hello i am building a system at the moment and i have put together a system that fits just into my budget, consisting of an i5-3470 processor and the HD 7850 1GB, is there a big difference between 1GB and 2GB VRAM? because if i get the 2GB version, i will have to degrade from an i5 processor to an i3 processor to keep the price under budget, would it be better to get an i3 processor with 2GB 7850 or an i5 processor with a 1GB 7850? By the way i will be playing at 1920x1080, i don't really care about AA and all that stuff.
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  1. Definitely go with the 1GB if that is going to let you get an i5. The 2GB version can help with framerates when using ultra settings at higher resolution, but for the most part you won't notice a difference.
  2. People have been saying that 2GB makes the card more future-proof? is this true?
  3. Yes but to a certain degree. 2Gb is better than one if you plan on playing at higher resolutions and ultra/higher settings. So I would say it's worth it. Also I would look at the 7870 it's not that much more and it's slightly better.
  4. If i get the 2GB version, i will have to change my i5 to an i3, is that worth the change?
  5. Sorry didn't see that. Get the 1gb with an i5. An i5 is a much better than an i3.
  6. only you can answer that. check out some cpu benchmarks.
  7. i advice keeping the I5 and the 1GB V-RAM dont go for an i3 just to get 2GB V-RAM thats a bad idea although in games like BF3 you wont be able to play ULTRA HIGH 1920x1080 because bf3's ultra takes 1.4GB~ish V-ram so :P
  8. Legitreviews has tested a 1GB and 2GB card with BF3 and the difference is about 2fps (39 vs 41fps at 1080p ultra)

    bunch of results including 7850 2GB:

    7850 1GB:

    Games will often use more VRAM if it is there, but it doesn't mean they need it.
  9. the extra memory has nothing to do with providing extra frames per second... although it might happen. it's there to provide smooth playability at higher settings and resolutions.......... like 1600 and above.
  10. What provides the "smooth playability" if not the extra frames per second?
  11. U seriously don't have 20$ extra for the 2gb? Take one extra day of work and get the 2GB, because games are only gong to demand more memory now, and 1GB is on the verge of being replaced
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