HDMI output to HDTV blurry

I've seen some old threads but no real answers, so hopefully someone has something new to try.

I built a new rig and put a nvidia GTX 660 TI in it, was hoping to use HDMI to my 1080p tv but its not working well, if I set resolution to native 720p (the recommended setting) all the edges are cut off. If I use nvidia control panel to resize the display so it fits, it squashes all the text and it gives me a headache just to use the computer. It still looks beautiful on games and movies but thats it.

I have a dvi>hdmi adapter and that still does the same thing. VGA looks good for the desktop, but in games it gets choppy like it cant move data fast enough.

I have tried many resolutions, multiple nvidia drivers, windows cleartype, disabling hdmi audio, and messing with every setting in the TV (there arent many for hdmi, its a vizio), changing hdmi cables. Im also trying to talk to nvidia tech support about this but they are being useless.

Is this a problem with my TV or the graphic card? It seems people have way less problems for this with ATI cards, and im hoping I dont regret going nvidia if thats the case, but im still within my return period so I may have to try and buy a new card to see.

Any other thoughts on what I could try to do to fix this would be appreciated, ive spent hours googling trying to resolve this and im getting frustrated.

Thank you.
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  1. Try to set the resolution to the physical resolution of you TV (1920*1080 or 1366*768?) and disable all underscan or overscan or resizing in nvidia control.
  2. I've already seen some tv models that can handle 720p and 1080p but phisically there is not enough pixels, so they normally remove the screen size on botton and top, since most of movies have Black bars on that spot, and televisions are made for movies.

    Like @noidea_77 said it can only be a software configuration problem, remove all resizing that can be happening, if the problem still hapenning probably the TV is the problem, try using a monitor to check if problem persists or get a television that doesn't show that problem.

    It is hardly a GPU problem.
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