Buying Tomorrow!! [Advise/Cleanery] EXPERTS NEEDED!! :P

Hey what is up people? I hope you had a good Holiday (For those who don't work). Otherwise for the those who work, thanks for delivering some of my parts early in the morning! :)
I am building my first computer this November for my 16th Birthday! My budget is around £1400(-£300 because Ive already purchased some parts) although this has to include a Mouse, Keyboard and a Professional Headset for Gaming and Recording; On the subject, my uses will be Hardcore Gaming, Commentating/Recording, Game Development, Programming, General Use( Internet, Applications etc). I Have already bought the CPU and Case whilst they were cheapest! :D
I'm looking for any suggestions, evaluations etc before I order all of the parts! Thanks everyone :)


CPU Cooler:

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  1. I bought a aerocool strike x gold certified psu 1100w for 120 quid on ebay brand new there selling them on there and its a great psu. For the ssd i would go for a intel they are amazing ssds and will last. The samsung are great too but intel is the icing on the cake
  2. haha! more than an overkill! Good build could run anything on ultra :) if it was my build i wont change a thing although i advice going with another CPU COOLER :P another cooler like a Cooler Master Evo 212 for me its better and costs 40-30$ Cheaper :P
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