Why is my new pc crashing?

Hi, i have just built a beast pc, and occasionally it will crash. seems like one while im not at home (school) and twice while i am home. the first time was right afte i installed my 2tb seagate hdd. i have no idea why, any ideas?

if you need more info, please ask
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  1. Please start by listing your specs.
  2. 3770K
    MSI GTX 660 Twin Frozr
    830 128gb ssd
    seagate 2tb hdd
    windows 7 pro
    hyper 212 evo
  3. And all drivers are up to date?
    If you're overclocking, you've verified the stability of the overclock?
  4. i believe i figured it out, it said at the beginning of a restart it had to fix a disk or something, i think that was it
  5. all but 1 driver is up to date... i cant figure out also how to install the usb controller driver... thats the only one
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