Need Help Choosing RAM

I want to upgrade the ram in my system.
These are my specs:

VIA M7VKB Motherboard
128 pc-133 cdram
athlon thunderbird 800mhz

i play some games frequently...i just need some more ram for apps also

do you recommend i get 256mbs more or 512?
do you think after getting the ram i should take out old one (128) or just add onto it
what speed of ram do you think i should get (sorry i dont know if i am using correct terms...i mean like PC-133 or pc-2100 or something like that)
does the company that makes ram really matter when you get up in the 512MBs?
Will my motherboard support PC-2100 ram
does pc-2100 make a huge difference as compared to pc-133?

Feel free to correct me and add anything you want
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  1. Here's the list of RAM you can buy. I looked it up for you at

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    Just get a 256MB stick, since that's the most your slots can support. Get Part #CT32M64S4D7E. I'm not sure how fast your old memory is, compared to the one I specified. I'm not sure if you want to keep the old RAM, though. However slow that is, the new RAM won't run it's potential if you keep the old RAM in. Plus, you can just keep the old RAM in there. They're probably reliable.

    FYI: PC2100 (and the like) is DDR, which your motherboard doesn't support.

    Is that cool? :smile:

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  2. are you sure the maximum ram one slot can hold is 256?
    i think yoiu are right actually just making sure

    anyway...thanks for the response
    my question now is...will a 256 stick of crucial (if put alone) and clocked up to 150mhz be better than 384 (my old +generic) at 133mhz

    in other words is it resourceful to get a 256mb stick of crucial and install it alone or is it resourceful to get a generic stick and install it with the 128pc-133 stick i already have

    does crucial work as effectively as a generic brand when installed with a 128mb stick (because in my opinion crucial is slightly expensive so i want to know in what situation it works best)

  3. i suggest you get those lovely green sticks of ram with nice black chips on them :)

    useful, yet completley useless :)

    Is that a Northwoody in your pocket or are you just eXPited to see me?
  4. Yeah, according to the motherboard's manufacturer site, it says it can.

    To be honest with you, I don't think it'll get to 150MHz. If you want 150, get Mushkin. I think quality is better than quantity, though. That's why I have both quality <b>and</b> quantity. :smile:

    In my opinion, RAM should stick with it's own kind, so you know the limit of your RAM. If you have a good stick paired up with a generic one, it might hold you back if you're overclocking the FSB or something. If you're not overclocking, you'll probably be okay.

    Is that a good enough reason to get good RAM?

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  5. so are you saying that i should get a generic stick and ad it onto my 128mb one if i am not overclocking?
  6. Yeah, I guess it'd be fine. I'd still go with Crucial. Besides, they have a lifetime warranty.

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