Building new comp want advice

I have not ordered parts but I will be doing so soon and I would like some advice before I move forward. These are the parts I have picked out thus far...

ASUS p8Z77-V LK mobo
Crucial m4 128gb ssd (for os)
Western digital 1 tb caviar black
Corsair vengeance 2x4gb
Rosewill CAPSTONE-550-M 550W ATX12V power supply
COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus heatsink
ASUS 24X DVD Burner - Bulk 24X DVD+R OEM $19.99

My dilemma is whether or not to stick with the 3770k and use integrated graphics until Christmas when I may be able to get a 560 ti or go with a 2500k but get a cheap gpu like the radeon 6770 now.

Mostly I use my computer for work running queries in access and downloading/opening very large text,excel,and access files. I would, however, like to have a system that can do occasional gaming running decent settings in 1920x1080.

I am open to suggestions, but keep in mind that for my original cost I have a budget of $1000. The above is very close to that when purchasing everything from Also considering going with the pro ASUS board for more SATA III for future expansion but I am not sure I really need it.
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  1. i7s are useless unless you are doing 3 hrs of rendering videos, otherwise, a i5 would do the job

    i dont buy from newegg unless i cant price match things at us.ncix

    get this instead

    - i use seagate but some people like WD more
    -the samsung 830 is much better
    -the extreme4 is a better buy
    -the evo is slightly better
    -much better case
    -power supply is just as good
  2. I like the mobo much better than the ASUS.. More features for less, case is better... I had to skimp somewhere when I had the 3770k on the list, overall i like this build just as much as what I had if not better and it is cheaper too :). Thanks for the suggestion. As a side note I may wait till Black Friday to buy so that I can get better prices on some of these parts and possibly get a 560 ti right away. As far as the i7 I kinda agree... Guess I will go with an i5 3570k. I can overclock it and get just as much out of it as the 3770k for $100 less. What about the 2500k... It is $20 cheaper than the 3570k and from what I hear the performance isn't that much different from the 3570k??
  3. i personally like asus for their software

    get a 7870. dont get last gen stuff

    yes the 3570k doesnt perform that much better but it does have much better intergrated graphics for video transcoding and for the time being that you dont have a graphics card. also there is support for usb3 native to the chipset

    the 7870 is VERY cheap right now. pick it up as you can
  4. I love ASUS bios as well, but I am trying to get the most features for the price... I could either go with the ASUS p8z77-v LK like I suggested or get more features on the asrock mobo... Tough call... I am not sure I will ever need more than the two 6gb/s SATA connections that the ASUS offers but at the same time it is more expensive. I will just have to see what the prices are on Black Friday. If they are good enough I may spring for an ASUS P8Z77-V pro. For me this build is all about balance. I need to stay under $1000 os included because my work is actually paying for this...
  5. just get the extreme4 and call it a day

    if you are actually buying everything near black friday, ask then since product suggestion varies every day almost
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