How much cheaper is MicroCenter?

So, I know this isn't in the right forum, but I couldn't see a general discussion or pricing forum.

Now then...
My friend needs a new computer desperately.
(His can't run WoW at lowest settings at 800x600 windowed.)
In order to avoid his mom buying him a $2500 alienware laptop to 'game' on,
(This coming after convincing her that no, her son cannot use an ipad to write essays on in college)
I'm going to be building a computer for him / teaching him how to build a computer.

Now... I've never been to a microcenter, due to space.
I know that it's the mecca of computer nerds, but I don't know what to expect.

Roughly how much discount can I be expecting in the store? We're planning on going for black friday.

Given that the cost of gas is going to be about $300, and the budget for the rig is about $1500.
Any thoughts on if that's going to be cost effective?
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    microcenter is most effective at being less expensive for the CPU/Motherboard, for everything else, Newegg is the same or cheaper. If you need to spend $300 in gas to get to a microcenter, just spend the extra $90 at newegg or other online stores
  2. i usually buy from ncix whenever possible. best customer reps ever and price matches are pretty easy

    for US people, they have free shipping.

    if gas is that much, dont bother. you probably only save 50-70 bucks TOPS. maybe 100 if you were dealing with a i7 3770k but that would be dumb to get since hes gaming
  3. Okay, good to know. Thank you both!
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