Updated card drivers, now works worse

today I decided to update my graphic card's drivers after a long time of not doing so. My card is Ati Radeon HD4650 and I had the same drivers since 2009, but now I downloaded the recent version of ATI Catalyst 12.6 and hell broke loose. Flash applications act weird, sound is messed up in them, some of the games work either slower or faster at random and if my laptop goes standby mode, the time it needs to go back to normal is definitely longer than it used to. Is there any way I can go back to my previous, older drivers? I checked in manager the option of rolling back to the previous drivers in Windows 7, yet I'm not sure if it will work with ATI Catalyst, seeing its an application actually. Is it safe to use it? I want my older drivers back :( OR the problems with flash/sound/laptop fixed.

I also can reconsider system restore from yesterday, but I really don't know if it won't mess up my system.
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  1. yea you can do a system restore it wouldnt mess with any of your files or anything like that..or if you knew which drivers you had installed in your machine you could just download them from amd website....they keep an archive.
  2. yeah but ATI Catalyst is an application so it will, I dunno how it works, uninstall it and install the previous one or what? I just want to be 100% sure that system restore will make everything as it was
  3. yea it will basically uninstall the new one and put the old ccc application back. bc the drivers installed the newest ccc
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