GPU high activity problem. 7850

Hello, first time making a post and I really need some help.

Recently my gpu had been forcing itself up to ridiculous frames in most games, for example in Darksiders 2 i average out at 2000 fps on loading screens and 400 in game even with v-sync on (at least that's what fraps is telling me) but I think v-sync in darksiders might just be broken. In games like wow with v-sync i run 40 frames but still see about 90% activity and heat still rises too quickly, which is something that wouldn't happen before.

CCC shows my card at 99% activity and the temp and fan begin to skyrocket. This problem came out of nowhere, nothing had changed between now and when things were running normally.

System Specs:
i5- 3570k
AMD 7850 2GB
8GB 1600 ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Oh and before you ask yes my drivers are all up to date. If you have any ideas please let me know, makes games essentially unplayable for more than 5 minutes, thank you.
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  1. did you install different drivers since this started happening? if not you could try installing a version older drivers and see if that changes anything...the 20000 fps on loading screens is not that uncommon.
  2. Yup, I've tried a few drivers now and the issue is still occurring, even with frame limiting my card is still being pushed to hard everywhere I go.
  3. hmm not sure then....maybe someone else has had this issue too can chime in but maybe something in your video BIOS became corrupt maybe reflashing the card would help but I doubt it.
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