Things to look for after a build.

Alright, today I learned that I've been running my RAM in 1333 instead of 1600 for the past 3 weeks since I had to manually go into the bios and change it :pt1cable:

Any other things to do like this that I might have missed since it's my first build :pfff:
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  1. Make sure that any SSD is on a SATAIII port, and they are in AHCI mode. On that matter make sure TRIM is active.

    Is Cable Management optimal?
  2. My SSD is in AHCI mode, I did trim in the intel toolbox management once, I need to activate that permanently?

    Yes my cable management is pretty decent, I get great airflow, my cores are at about 25-29 celcius degrees.
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    TRIM should activate automatically upon detecting an SSD, but sometimes it doesn't and you have to turn it on manually. You can check if its active and turn it on if necessary using Command Prompt, will have to look up what commands to use.

    Those are pretty good temps.
  4. Will try and find how to see if trim is active. I also dumped pagefile onto regular hars drive instead of my ssd and desactivated hibernation since i heard its not very good for ssds correct? And also desactivated automatic backups.
  5. Moving the Pagefile is a good move, means that the SSD doesnt get thrashed when things get RAM heavy.

    Not that hibernation is bad for the SSD, just unnecessary.
  6. Thank you a whole lot for your help.
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