Data transfer rates are awful, any ideas?

Hi everyone,

I've just built a new system, M5A78L-M ASUS motherboard, AMD FX4100 Quad Core CPU, 12GB DDR3 1333Mhz Ram, 60gb OCZ Vertex Agility 3, Nvidia Geforce GT640 2GB DDR3 Graphics, Enermax 580w PSU

OK, so built it all, had a few teething issues with the overclocking software that came with the dopey mobo driver CD, but other than that its all built and up and running,

Firstly, my data transfer rates are crap for both USB 3 and copying files to a CD-R Disc

If I copy MP3 files from my C:\Users\Dan-Office\Downloads folder to my F:\ (DVD-RW) Drive the data transfer rate is pathetic, around 300kbs a second which is a joke, bare in mind this is not burning a disc on the fly this is copying it to the CD-R Folder in windows before you burn the disc

If I copy a large file say 1gb in size the maximum copy rate I get between different folders on the C:\ itself is 30mb per second, which although it sounds quick, I am pretty sure that is damn slow for a 6GBPS SSD drive? I appreciate my motherboard only supports 3GBPS but surely even that would give me much faster data transfer rates?

The SSD is where Windows 7 Professional (64 bit) is installed, so technically it should be ridiculously quick right?

Secondly, for the last 3 years I have had computers with absolutely shi** USB data transfer rates, even this USB 3, the copy rate between lots of small files falls to less then 800kb/s per second, I understand that USB3 means nothing if the storage devices are USB2 only, but surely even USB2 would give a better data transfer rate?

Something just doesnt seem right, surely a quad core, good high performance ram, good graphics card, average board and all storage devices on SATA would deliver better performance than what I get?

Am I right in thinking that copy rates fall dramatically with thousands of small files (500kb - 4mb)? I am sure the data transfer rates should be well over 100mbs second for SSD and over 20mbps for USB2/3?

If anyone can shed some light I'd be most greatful!

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  1. Large groups of Small files always have much slower transfer rates.
  2. If you haven't already install the USB 3.0 drivers for your motherboard and that might help with the USB 3.0 transfer rates.
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