Possible card damage - way to debug?

Hey everyone,

I recently transported my computer with the graphics card still in the slot. Upon arrival, you could see the graphics card holder did not do its job, and the scratches on the cooling side indicate it jiggled about half an inch in either direction. An overview of my debug so far is below:

-This graphics card (ASUS HD HD6950 DirectCU II 2GB, PCI-E x16 2.0, DP) worked perfectly for over 8 months, so RAM/PSU/compatibility/etc. is not an issue.

-The latest video drivers are installed.

-The computer boots to windows successfully when the graphics card is not plugged in.

-The graphics card does not work on either the main PCIx16 or the secondary PCIx16 slot.

-All power cables are attached to the card where appropriate.

-Upon powering on, the fans are 100%. If I put the graphics card in a slightly tilted position, the fans boot as normal. This leads me to believe it is a socket issue, but changing the socket (as described above) did not solve it.

-The graphics card did not boot correctly on a secondary computer (fans 100%, black screen) which leads me to believe it is a graphics card issue.

-No graphics card, computer works perfectly.
-Plug in graphics card, no video output from anything.

My question is how to proceed from here. I would like to make sure that it is a graphics card issue (and not motherboard slot issue) before replacing it. I have an AMD RADEON HD 6850 graphics card I could try placing into my computer, so I'm going to try that.

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  1. You pretty much confirmed that it is video card after testing it in a secondary pc, which failed.
    Probably both socket and cards pcie connector got damaged. Socket because something changes when inserted tilted, card connector because it doesn't work in any other slot.

    Another test to convince you in 200% would be to try another graphics card in the original slot.

    Screw holding the card had to be loose, when it is firmly tightened card shouldn't move at all.
  2. So I tested the HD 6850, and it does NOT work in the primary slot, but DOES work in the secondary slot.

    This probably means that, as you said Bejusek, both the card and the pcie connector were damaged. I guess now all I can do is try for warranties/replacements?
  3. It isn't a pre-built pc, is it?
    If this is a custom built machine I believe that video card or motherboard warranty doesn't cover mechanical damage caused by consumer, whether or not it was an accident.
    However if this was a pre-built pc return it and explain that it's not your fault that video card screw was loose.
  4. Oh the screw was tightened all right, the card is just a triple-slot and weighs about 5 pounds, so it can move itself regardless of being held by the slots and the motherboard :P
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