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I am trying to hook up a dual monitor setup in my home office without much luck. The computer doesnt seem to want to recognize the 2nd monitor. I have turned on BIOS dual monitor and everything and just can't seem to get the second monitor to recognize. Here is what I have:

Asus desktop pc cm1740 series
Radeon HD 6530 D (grapichs card)
Windows 7 home edition
2 AOC e2343fk monitors (both identical)

I am currently running my "main" monitor in VGA...and trying to get the second monitor to run DVI with VGA adapter.

I have tried going to the screen resolution, updating drivers, BIOS, and even a program that comes with the monitor called (AMD vision control center) Nothing seems to be detecting the second monitor.

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  1. have you tried right click desktop---> screen resolution----> hit the detect buton?
  2. Specs for you PC says that it has a VGA and DVI-D port. DVI-D means that you get only the digital signals there. That is the reason why your adapter doesn't work. For that it must be a DVI-I port that has the digital and analog signals.
    BUT: AOC says your monitor has a DVI port. Why don't you use that?
  3. i will check on that...i cant seem to find the dvi prort on the back...
  4. its the white one that looks similar to vgai but bigger and white lol
  5. Found the right cable and everything is working great...Thanks so much everyone...
  6. glad you got it all working!
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