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Hello people. I want to buy new computer, until now I played mostly on Xbox/Ps3, and some games like mmo-s on my mid range pc. But now I think its time to rotate that, and to play most of the games on Pc, except console exclusives and sports games that are imho meant for the console. :)
So anyhow, I have some money to spare, and I want to buy best there is out there, or at least something that comes close to it.
Computer will be used just for games. I don't need it for anything else, I go to law university/college Idk how that incorporates in other school systems, so nothing work related will be done on it, I will use my lap top for internet browsing/videos/anything else I would need from a plain computer.
I want to play games at 1920/1080 since I got that screen, and I don't plan on doing like 3 screens, or something at higher resolution, just plain 1080p. So recommend graphic cards that would be better and future proof for that resolution, not something that has bilion and one memory that would only ever be used on higher resolutions, and if you play 1080p it will never even use it, even in the future, if you get what I'm saying. :)
Sorry for long post. I did not say how much money I am willing to spend, I am just saying it is enough looking by the computer shops here, and high end components prices. Explanation to this is that I live in Serbia, a country that NO ONE sends computer parts/anything with technology or something like that, because when they put tax on that for you as just 1 person, they do as much as double the price of the thing you ordered. :) And, because of that, computer shops here can make bizare prices that they want since majority of people will buy it from them. :)
And that's about everything, I'm sure by now you forgot what was the question, but I hope you will find it in this ridiculous post. :)
Oh, one more thing, I don't want double graphic card. I want good one, I don't have nVidia/Ati preference, so just what you think is better, and what really has better benchmarks. I think 8-12 gb of ram is just about right for now?
Both of that I'm keeping plain since I don't want to spend soooo much right away (yes, I'm cheap, Idk why, but even when I have money, I don't want to spend it), and when I think its time to upgrade, I can always buy another card for CrossFire/SLI , and more ram. :)
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  1. Keep in mind I might not buy just now if you say its better to wait like "first quarter of 2013", "february 2013" etc. since I am not in a hurry to buy, I just think its time Pc became my main place of playing games. I am sorry for double posting, but it just doesn't let me edit my post. :D
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