Is my system specs enough to play high resolutions games

hi guys here is my sys specs fx4100 mobo m5a78l-mlx from asus smps solitaire powerzone 500 wtt 4gb ram 1333mhz and saphhire hd 6450 2gb. please let me know 6that with these features can i play bf3 crysis3 and maxpayne3 or not. AS i doubt it wont please sugest me wether i can install sapphire hd 7770 in this rig or not is it compatible to my sys specs or not. my monitor is 23 inch 1920*1080.
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  1. Maybe minimum settings with a lot of lag. Even a 7770 won't be enough to play those games. I'd recommend something like a GTX 570 at the least.
  2. Like he said your PC is currently pretty bad at gaming but adding a HD 7770 will change that.
    The HD 7770 is a great card and will give you very good performance in new games.Just don't expect running them at maximum settings.
  3. My parent's pc has a 6570 and that can just barely play bf3 (30fps) on lowest settings. And that's nearly twice the performance of a 6450.,3135-6.html The 7770 can play it on high and will work on your pc.
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