My new build that I may have fried is not installing Windows

Hello, I working on a build for a long time now, and when I finished the build, it turned on for a split second and turned off instantly. I checked everything and with no avail, I removed the main parts from the case. So I try again this time loosening up the screws, making sure I ground myself every 5 minute. This time, it turned on longer this time but then it turned off then on again. I then try to install a non geniune Windows 7 in my computers condition. I get to the set up screen, but then the computer turned off than on again. I then realize that I forgot to install the standoffs. I quickly remove the motherboard to install the standoffs, and place the motherboard in the proper place. When I try installing windows again, it said that there's a problem with one of my parts. I restart my computer and check my computer settings, All the parts were hooked up properly and appeared to be not harmed. It could have not been the graphics card since it was hooked up to my monitor and I was able to see the display. It also could have not been my CPU since you need it to power the machine. It also could have not been the RAM since I overclocked it to its original core speed after my failed attempts to install windows. I either has to be the MOBO or the DVD drive or the HDD, but I have no way of telling of they're broken or not. After I have installed the standoffs my PC has not been shutting on and off. Thanks in advanced
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  1. You just may be okay on your parts working - get a legit copy of windows (or just run Linux) - go through your bios settings, I'm thinking one of your drive settings (optical or HDD) is incorrect in BIOS.
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