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I'm trying to put together an outline of what is connected to what...

We have several switches and patch panels, several wall connections, etc. Many things are not clearly labeled which makes problem solving not so easy. Is there a method that can help me determine what computer is connected to what port on which switch, and which switch is connected to which port on a certain switch or router?

I'm trying to put down a network diagram, we have a single floor building that is quite massive.

I'm beginning to do it manually but there are things that are hard to figure out like what computer is connected to which port.

Any kind of software or CMD I could do that could help me in this?

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  1. Spiceworks might do it, I know it tells me what port a computer is connected if the switches are manage.

  2. Yes google is my friend I agree, but thanks though guys. I do use spiceworks and it certainly does help, but I think what I'm asking is something that I have to do myself. I'm going into a rough project of finding exactly which wall rj-45 connection is connected to which patch panel, what port they are on the switch, what switch is connected to what switch, and on and on and on..

    My ultimate goal is to have both ends of the cables labeled to which ports they are connected to. Then hopefully doing a network diagram. Our network is massive and when there are problems with cables that have no label, it becomes hell since the distances each cable runs is a great deal and through many doors.

    I'm just a picky guy when it comes to organization, especially when problem solving is a day to day thing, random cables that you have no idea where they connect to become an obstacle that takes time to overcome.
  3. Yeah, I don't know a program that will do that for you, my advices, is find a buddy, laptop, and 2 cellphones or radios have one of you at looking at the switch and the other one running around with the laptop plugging it in to ports , and just see when the link light turns off and on. You know what port is what, then you can both label them.
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