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Hello, this is my first post so Hello everyone :)

I have a NVidea EVGA GTX 295 video card that I have had for a while now (maybe a year and a half) and it has run great until 2 days ago. What happened is when i turned my computer on I get no video, and i get 1 long beep 2 short beeps (it maybe 3, it goes really fast). I looked up the code and it seems to be a video card issue, which so far makes sense as I have no video.

The weird thing is the computer still boots, and I hear the Windows Login chime come through my speakers, so that tells me that the BIOS is not halting...

Is the card dead ? I would have thought if the card was 100% bad, Windows would not even boot, thats why I ask.

To reiterate, I get NO video.... no motherboard splash screen, POST messages, nothing...just black screen from the time I turn it on until Windows startup, plus I get the beep code. 1 long, 2 or 3 short.

---I have tried it in another PC as well and the same issue happens

---I have tried another video card and everything works fine.

I am just asking to see if there is maybe a fixable solution to the card, or if everyone thinks it's toast.


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  1. As a wise man once said 'try to fix it, if you break it, it does n't matter, you need a new one anyway'.
    Strip off the cooler assembly and carefully examine the card, particularly the capacitors for signs of damage, they should be flat topped and cylindrical, if they're domed, barrel-shaped or show signs of leakage that's your problem. Examine the circuit board for signs of shorting out (dark or black marks around components) and, obviously missing components..
    Also read the 'best anwser' here;
  2. Ok i will do that..thanks

    Sorry about the double post, I will delete the first one..I got the "Can not post, try again" error, but I guess it posted anyway...

    thanks again
  3. I had the same problem with my EVGA GTX 295 a month ago. The beeps are telling you that your video card is not working--probably dead. The 295 is a great card, but it runs very hot. Mine died after 3 and half years. Fortunately, it was under warranty and they shipped me a gtx 570. Hope you can get yours replaced.

    Good luck!
  4. wow, 3 years and it was under warranty? i will look into that..Thanks!
  5. yea thats pretty sweet you got a 570 free upgrade the 295 the co-op version or the original? if its the original its gonna be a pain in the a** to take apart.
  6. We do n't get that here in the UK :( . Hopefully rich7779 registered and got the lifetime warranty :)
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