GTX 480 PCI-e Connecter to Motherboard


I recently put a new after market cooler on my GTX 480.
Somehow in the process I managed to nick of a little bit of the connecter that connects the GPU to the PCI-E slot.

If u hold the card with the GPU at the top and the short side of the PCI-e connecter pin at the left side , I nicked off the far right half of the golden plate.

The gap between the PCB and the leftover Golden plate connecter is about 3 MM. Is there anyway someone can help me to fix this ? OR is there anything I can do.

When I install the card into the motherboard and put the pc on , it shows black lines over the screen and it differs from screen to screen.

PLease any help is much appreciated because I can't afford buying a new gpu. And I have a X58 motherboard with no onboard GPU and no spare GPU to place in that spot.

Thanks very much in advance :)
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  1. no i am aware of those shorter fingers... and no damage was done to the pcb itself ... there is only a 3mm gap between the pcb and what is left of the golden plate connecter pin

    I nicked off the middle part of the finger... any suggestions on what to do now?
  2. can you take a pic and upload it somewhere and then link to it? I am not 100% sure what you are talking about/describing i think it would be alot easier with pictures.

    this is the gpu's golden pins... as u can see at the far right the one pin is broken in half
  4. oh ok I see man you really did nick a pin off of there...howd you do that lol? that must have taken some you still have the pin or is that long gone? Is the video card under warranty? if not you are pretty much SOL these things you cant really fix
  5. Yeah don't know how the hell I did it tbh. but no unfortunately I don't have a warranty.. I only saw it after I already installed it after I put the cooler on and tested to no avail...

    So I guess I am pretty much screwed..

    Any suggestions on new GPU perhaps ? Gtx 680 4gb > GTX 680 2gb > HD 7970 3gb > GTX 670 OC
  6. depends on your budget....I would say a 680 would be the best but a 670 OC is like only 5% slower in games and is $100 less so it would be a much better bang for your buck. the 7970 is a good card too but I would get a 680 or a 670 over it any day....and if you go the 680 route dont get the 4gb its a waste of money.
  7. Ah thank you very much for all your help and efforts :) ... hopefully in these few weeks to come i'll be able to get me a new card ..
    Thnx again man.
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