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So... what the hell is a GHZ edition anyway ?

I was shopping for an upgrade to an old PC I had here for a while which I'm gonna connect to my TV to watch movies and play some games. I decided to go with a 7870, but also noticed all these Ghz edition 7870s which are priced significantly higher. What the hell is a Ghz edition and why is it that much more expensive ?
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  1. I don't really know about these GHz edition things, but if you tell me the specs of your PC, I can tell you if upgrading your card will actually have any affect.

    It could be you have an old, but top-of-ze-range card with a crummy processor (8800GTX and a pentium 4, por ejemplo), in which case you'd see a vast improvement with buying a new CPU, Mobo and RAM.
  2. ghz edition = core clock running at 1ghz
  3. Had an Athlon II x3 455 paired with a Radeon 5770. The processor will eventually be upgraded to a Phenom X4 or an FX when the funds are available.
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    Current GHz edition cards are just clocked higher than the same cards were when they were originally released. If you plan to overclock, ghz edition cards are a waste of money since they don't really provide overclocking to higher frequencies.
  5. I definitely intend to overclock this myself, I won't waste my money on this. Thank you very much for the answer.
  6. GHZ cards have higher binned GPU cores in them. Not just factory OCed.
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  8. i dont remember a 7870 being released that wasnt running at 1ghz
  9. vrumor said:
    GHZ cards have higher binned GPU cores in them. Not just factory OCed.

    Well, at Hardocp they did not find a GHz edition 7970 to overclock any higher than the regular 7970. It's like FX8150 vs. 8120, should overclock to similar frequencies overall.
  10. AMD released GHz editions of cards to better match up to Nvidia offerings out of the box. They are the same silicon.
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