Gtx 660 ti not turning on w/ 750 watt power supply

I found out that my memory is incompatible with my motherboard. I am in the process of returning the memory and have ordered a new set of memory that is compatible with my ASUS LK z77 motherboard. However, when I power my computer, all my fans turn on, led turns on, cd drive works, cpu cooler turns on except for my graphics card. When I power my computer, the fan on the graphics card does not move. I have tried all four of my PCI-E plugs that came with my tx750 corsair power supply. Each time I turn on my computer the graphics card does not turn on. Could the memory be the cause of this issue or is the video card or power supply itself the problem? Please help I spent 1000 dollars on this computer and I would really like to find out whats wrong. I have also used the speaker to see what beeps the motherboard makes. It makes one long beep and two short which is indicative of memory incompatibility.
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  1. first all what memory did you have that wasn't compatible. Also you have to have at least one slot of memory inserted before your pc can turn on. just cause fans are spinning doesn't mean a thing.
  2. You probably have an on board graphics chip and the BIOS is probably defaulted to that. You won't know until you can get some RAM installed properly and plug the monitor into the MB GPU output. At that point you can enter the BIOS and change the active GPU to the PCI selection. When you re-boot you will have to have moved the monitor input to the GPU board. If it still doesn't play it's probably a bad board or power supply. Replacing individual components with known good ones is the only way to troubleshoot.
  3. The ram is incompatible. I looked in the manual and it didnt have the model that I bought.

    I have 16 gb of G.Skill Ripaws X F3-12800CL9Q-16GBXL.

    My motherboard is an asus p8z77 LK. My processor is an i5 3570k.

    I was thinking about returning my graphics card because it might have been the problem. Should I wait until i put memory into my computer before doing that?
  4. Your motherboard isn't compatible with that memory.

    Description P8Z77-V-LK-QVL

    I'm guessing you're having two seperate issues, incompatible ram and a faulty video card. PSU's usually completely fail, not just a rail or four.
  5. How do i make sure that my video card or psu is fail? Once I plug in the pci, the video card should be powering and I should see the fans moving right?
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