Can't figure it out (HELP!)

Ok, so I have a strange problem. My computer after working flawlessly for 6 months had a total failure. It started one weekend when my rabbits got loose and chewed by computer cords. I replaced the cord and the computer would still not even power on at all. So I trouble shoot it took everything out and got it working fine out of the case, plugged it all back in and same thing powered up however it would not load windows at first so I restarted it said something about not being able to use last back up and gave me the option to delete it and start up I said ok started up looked fine. However every time after I start up applications about 2-5 mins in it starts to slow way down and its so bad my mouse jumps as it tracks over the screen. My cpu core 1 read out max's at 100% and never falls while the other cores sit a 1-5%. This happens when only running a single progams of which my computer could handle many all at once before.

Is this a software problem, or could I have do something while I was in there moving parts around. If anyone can help me? I'd be so happy.

i5 3570k
azrock z77 extreme 4
gtx 670
raid max 850 gold cert.
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  1. Took out the heat sink opened up the cpu took a look at it re seated the heat sink problem solved so far about 10 mins in running all programs looking great all cores firing.
  2. Cool. Glad you fixed it.
  3. Ok so it is some what fixed, nut there has been a definite drop in cpu performance. Before I could play GW2 with no lag what so ever and my cpu readings would be anywhere from 40% to 70% but now it runs around 65%to 95% usage and I get lag now and then. What could have happened???????
  4. Make sure the temperatures are not getting too high.
  5. Is there a way to check that without manually touching it with a thermometer, same problem as before a core is almost always maxing, core 2 is a 90 to hundred percent at all times even in low population area's of the game
  6. the mobo is reading the temp to be around 40C which is really cool
  7. 40C is about average. There are some temperature checking apps out there, but I can't think of any right off the top of my head.

    I use CoreTemp.
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