First Gaming Build.

Is this a decent build?
Building my first rig and was wondering if this was alright to play modern games at least to medium/high settings. Help me change some things out if you think I need too. This is a budget build becomes im not made of money. - MOBO - CPU/APU - SSD - PSU - RAM - Case

Note: I will buy a graphics card in the future when I get the money. The CPU's Integrated graphics is an AMD Radeon HD 7660D I believe. And I saw a youtube video with it oc'd and it can play BF3 on high with 30 frames. Which I thought it isn't too bad without a dedicated card. What do you guys think? Does everything work with each other? All for around $330
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    I remember seeing it running BF3 at like 22 fps on Low at 1080p. Outstanding for integrated graphics though.

    Remember the faster ram you have, the more performance you have APU wise. Might be worth pumping it up to 2133 if you can afford it.

    SSD on budget build? Not recommended, go for a normal 500GB/1TB hDD.

    Board is Micro ATX, and no PCIe 3.0 slots. Although current cards can't saturate PCIe 2.0 x16, Motherboards aren't something you want to be buying all too often.

    Maybe you can save yourself some money from the SSD and pair the APU with a 6670 (I believe you can do that, someone correct me if you can't). This will allow you to get more performance.

    At 1080p, the APU by itself will struggle slightly. It'll definitely do well with a 6670 however. Other games should be fine with turned down settings. Just remember, that Battlefield 3 looks fantastic at low at 1080p, I personally play on it myself even though I can play with higher settings -- the graphical difference between Ultra and Low isn't enough for the huge FPS drop imo.
  2. I wouldn't go for a SSD on a budget build either. But the build itself looks solid. Make sure you have an optical drive though.
  3. a cheap pentium with a discrete 7750 would be your best bet rather than relying on the trinity's igpu.
    just look at my sig rig. it outperforms a trinity in gaming at a lower cost.
    believe it or not am getting 40-45 fps with my sig rig playing skyrim at ultra quality settings at 1440*900.
    i bet your trinity cant touch that
  4. I would believe it because its an actual graphics card -.- You can't really compare it.
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  6. Here's the video And thanks guys. You think I should I should change my board JJ1217? To what exactly?
  7. There's your problem, hes running it at a pretty low resolution, I was talking about 1080p.

    1360x768 =1 044 480
    1920x1080=2 073 600

    There's around 1 more million pixels that the GPU will have to display. Unless of course you're playing at 1360x768.

    This looks like a decent motherboard, I'm not too great with AMD boards, but this looks solid. Doesn't seem to be any PCIe 3.0 AMD boards, so I selected a board with PCIe 2.0 16x. I wouldn't recommend crossfiring/SLI on this board, as both the first and second card would be running PCIe 2.0 x8, which is equivalent to PCIe 3.0 x4.
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