Which 7950 to get?

Yesterday I posted a thread questioning which graphics card I should get. I now know I want to go with a radeon 7950. My question now is which model is the best for awhile. I want this card to last me 3 years, therefore I plan to not overclock since that shortens the lifespan of a card. Which model is the best deal for a guy wanting a long lasting gpu?
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  1. I would recommend brands such as Msi, XFX, Sapphire, and HIS. My personal favorite is Msi because of the Twin Frozr cards that keep the card cool and stable..
    Here is one:
    I also would recommend XFX cards for great coolers such as this one:
    Either one of these cards should be able to suit your needs.It is a matter of preference when you choose a branded card. Choose the one that best fits your needs(just don't go with cheap-ass brands).
  2. I would also suggest this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127667

    It is factory OCed so u wont have to risk anything by yourself and comes from a great manufacturer.
  3. Any thoughts on Sapphire stock oc'ed to 950 mhz?
  4. Had the same question. I'm pretty sure i want to get the 7950. But i want to know which overclocks the best with a third party cooler. I have the sapphire and the XFX double D in mind but theres also the msi and the gygabyte one. Any of these are supperior? I heard the sapphire one is pretty silent and overclocks well. Don't really now much more
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