I want to be sure if everything is OK with my new gtx 660 ti

Hey guys, i have recently bought asus gtx 660 ti top. I have tested the card on Skyrim everything on highest on both nvidia control panel and game settings (i mean everything) and i am getting a constant fps of 44 45 fps walking around. I have heard people are getting like 90 fps. So i am concerned.

Here is my specs;

CPU: i5 760
GPU: ASUS gtx 660 ti top
RAM: 4gb

i don't have the latest bios on mainboard FYI but the previous one.

My benchmark score with unigine heaven is 1699

I have the latest driver 306.02 on 660 ti

Thank you for your suggestions.
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  1. It would probably be your cpu holding it back. Also your resolution could be affecting it but i doubt that.
  2. So if i push the cpu clock from 2.8ghz to like 3.4ghz would it be okey? My cpu temperature reaches to around 68C on load. I am using a thermaltake tower cooler. Can it take an overclock at that rate?
  3. For that cpu any temp under 75c is considered safe, just make sure you stress test the overclock with prime95. Then test the game in about the same area before the overclock and you should see a noticable change in fps
  4. Hmm ok but now i need someone to help me oc ing :D
  5. Are you using 8xAA?If yes reduce it.People getting those 90 fps are using FXAA or 4xaa
  6. streetfarter said:
    Hmm ok but now i need someone to help me oc ing :D

    You can check: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/259903-29-overclocking-benchmarking-guides
    Or on the forums under the overclocking section for more help on that I personally dont have experience with oc on that cpu just older amd and newer i5's
  7. Is there a way that can certainly prove me that there is nothing wrong with my gtx 660ti, i may go for a RMA according to that ?
  8. First of all thank you for your answer.
    Now that we all agree this is a cpu issue so do you think OC'ing the cpu will work as well? And if so at what rate should i OC??

  9. here is a more detailed version of my unigine heaven benchmark
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