What graphics card should I buy?

I have this build for around a year now but have never been able to play any modern games as my graphics card is terrible. Here are my system specs: AMD Phenom II x4 Processor 3.3GHZ|8GB RAM|500W PSU|Nvidia GT210 1GB|Hitachi 1TB HDD What card will I need to buy to play new titles ?
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  1. It depends on the budget and the make/model of that power supply.
  2. Without any info on the budget or the PSU, HD7750. Will outperform that 210 by miles and doesnt require any power cables.

    If you can give more info, then we can give better advice as what card to get.
  3. I'm not sure what make power supply it is, but it was like a super cheap one, I had the parts ordered and assembled by a local business so I'm not too sure :/
  4. yeah, stick with a 7750 then
  5. If its a super cheap one, you are definitely not going to want to put a higher end card in there.
  6. Well I could upgrade the PSU
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139026 will support a 7850, which is about the strongest graphics card I would pair with that processor.
  8. With a 500-Watt PSU it should be enough for most video cards (unless you go for the very top ones). You have a good system so you're right just change the video card and it will allow you to play games. However it's hard to advise one video card model in particular you didn't say which game you were planning on playing and more important what resolution are you going to use? Another important question: How many PCI-E power connectors does your PSU have? More and more video cards are asking for 2 nowadays. I checked the Radeon 7770 and it requires only one. If you have a little more money the 7850 is even more tempting because of the higher memory bandwidth and it also requires only 1 PCI-E power connector.
  9. The thing about that though is that I don't like to recommend a really nice card without knowing a little bit about the power supply. I've seen some pretty bad power supplies in my experience, and I would like to see a nice card be backed by a proper power supply.
  10. Deemo13 is right. I would suggest you open your case and look at the brand and model of the PSU before putting a nice card in your system. But maybe you already have a decent PSU, not because you didn't pay a lot means that it's totally bad. It could be a good brand like Antec or Corsair and you just picked an entry level one and didn't pay much, but that doesn't mean it's going to kill the card. However if it's like a no-name brand without PCI-E power connectors then I would replace it.
  11. Thanks for the response and I'm sorry about the late reply, I think I will just buy a decent PSU.
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