Any need for new monitor? Already have HDTV.

Right now I am rockin' a 1280 x 1024 19" Dell monitor that has a pretty good picture. I use this monitor mostly for browsing the web and regular computer use.
I have a HDTV, for when I want to play pc games, and it looks great through HDMI.

So since I don't really NEED another monitor, seeing as how I have an HDTV, is there really any good reason to get one?

Is there really enough web content in widescreen that my web surfing would be greatly improved by such a purchase?

As it stands right now, my 19" Dell fits perfectly on my desk. A widescreen would probably require a purchase of a new desk.

Any thoughts. Personal experiences.
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  1. i don't think purchasing a bigger monitor would help for web browsing, although if your HDTV is 24in+ and 720P i'd recommend getting a 1080P monitor atleast 23in wide. big 720P TVs look really bad because of the size/pixel ratio. a 23in 1080P monitor would look great for gaming.

    to sum it all up, no. do not get a better monitor just for web browsing.
  2. I have a 19" Magnavox HDTV and it actually looks really really good for gaming. But you don't need a better monitor for web browsing. Don't fix it if it ain't broke.
  3. I have a 32 inch 1080p Sony Bravia. Picture is very sharp and motion very clear.
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