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Well sorry i'm a forum noob and new to tom's hardware, I recently upgraded my computer and changed my processor, motherboard, ram, and PSU. My processor is I7-3770k, my motherboard is P8Z77-V, RAM is Corsair Vengeance 1866 CAS 9, and PSU is Corsair TX850. I have two problems. One, no display. Two when I start up the pc, it shuts off briefly after I start 5-10 seconds, then restarts on it's own and starts and stays started up for good.
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  1. What graphics card do you have? did u try starting it up without the card?
  2. First of all to do with no display.
    A factory default board, and its bios settings will always default to the on board graphics chipset of the board. So if you plugged in say a Graphics card into the Pci-e slot and connected the video cable from that card to the monitor nothing will be displayed.
    You need to go into your bios and change or turn off the onboard graphics chip of the board, so the vga output cable at first needs to be connected to the vga out put of the main board first to get a display to the monitor,soyou get into the bios to see what your doing ok.
    Make sure primary video output is set to Pci-e card on boot. then save thoes settings in the bios before exit.
    Power down the system and swap the vga lead to the back of the Pci-e card video port.
    As for the second its a power check up mode. The 5 second power down is a result of the board knowing the other card is in there causing a boot conflict, so the bios resets its self to using the on board graphics chip.
    You never turned on board off, and set primary display boot to the Pci-e Display adapter.

    A major hardware change also requires a clean install of windows also. As you will get driver conflicts.
  3. I can't install windows, and I took out the graphics card and plugged it straight into the mobo, still nothing. I'm trying to take out the processor and see if any pins are bent. brand new mobo idk if i did anything wrong placing it in, also the ram isn't getting warm during start ups i'm not sure if that's normal.
  4. something not set right in the BIOS so it resorts back to the second BIOS ?

    try resetting the cmos first.

    the ram is 1.5v ?

    video card should be set to either - auto, peg or peg1,,,,,,,not pci.

    disregard that need to reinstall the opsys. there's something else going on.

    you do have the monitor plugged into the video card ?
  5. I fixed it, thanks guys. I took out the ram and put it in a different slot, took out the processor and put it in again, heatsink back on. Took out the GPU and put analog into the mobo and got it working. Then I disabled the IGPU and switched it to the PCI-E and it works fine now. Thanks for everyone that pitched in!
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