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I going to build fx 4100

i going to build fx 4100
please suggest me motherboard , ram ,graphic card , cabinet , power supply , my budget is around about 350-400 us dollars?
thank you in advance.
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  2. To be honest i stopped buying most of my PC hardware fact ehre is the rig im running now for $700!

    Intel i5 3750k @4.4Ghz with H80 loop water cooler
    16GB Corsair Vengance 1600mhz
    Asus P8z77-v- Pro
    EVGA GTX670 2GB
    256GB Crucial M4 Sata III
    2TB WD Green power
    Corsair HX850 PSU
    A sweet full tower thermaltake case
    DVD/CD/Bluray 3D sata drive
    Card reader

    I got ALL this for $700 the other day...guy even had all the recipts from newegg..rig was more than double what I paid and he just bought it a month ago.. If you have the option look online for used parts..i ALWAYS am able to find a good deal within 1 hour drive from my location.

    Also forgot the deal included a RAT7 mouse and Corsair K90 keyboard...

    It is a little scarry buying used but most people are honest plus run some stress tests before you buy.. Just an option to get more for your money! Good luck :)
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