How to's, and Factors to consider in building a custom Desktop PC.

Hi, good day! I just want to ask help guys in building a custom computer (preferably gaming). Since this is my first time to build my own computer, and i don't know much of the specs today in the market. For example i would like to buy core i3, what motherboard should i pair to it? What video card? What hard drive? What memory? DDR2,DDR3 or what?

Lucky for me, i'm somewhat familiar to some of Intel's processors like core i3, i5, and i7. But i don't really know what AMD processors are. Please help me guys , because i really want to build my own computer this time and I don't want to rely to others right now.

I want to ask, is there an application that works like, for example you put in there core i3, then it could assist/display what are the best paired motherboard for that processor or Graphic Card. Please tell me the ways on how to choose the best pairing for computer specs. I know, i can search to the Internet but in the Web have more complex explanations so i'm trying to solicit answers here. Thank you so much. :sweat:

-- Please don't mind the subcategory since i'm not sure what to put in there. Lol.
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    Thanks for your reply, i'm reading it right now. =)
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