Sli gtx 670 + gtx 260 physx not working?

Hello, I am running a sli gtx 670 in the first two slot and I want to dedicate my gtx 260 for phys x in the third slot. When I plugged the power connector into the gtx 260, there is no display when I boot. But when I take out the connectors, there is display. I have a GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H motherboard. Someone plz help.
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  1. What power supply are you running?

    EDIT: Are you saying there is a display on the onboard? Because then you would have to switch the default display settings.
  2. silverstone 1000w strider modular silver psu
  3. That's plenty. Is the graphics coming through any card when the Physx is in?
  4. Like when I have my gtx 260 plugged in the third pcie slot, nothing pops up on my monitor, but when i unplugged it, there is a display
  5. A display on the 670?
  6. Try all six display ports "2 on each card".
  7. Ok this is what I have set up. I have my DVI i and vga plugged into the first gpu which is the gtx 670. I'm just using the vga monitor for mulitasking and games. So don't laugh. I have the asus 3d monitor to game on. The second slot is a gtx 670. The third slot contains the gtx 260 on the gigabyte z77 mobo
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