Computer keeps crashing after a couple hours

I've seen this particular error message before but only when a computer cannot boot; my computer boots into windows just fine and runs for a while before crashing and saying simply,

"Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press select."

(Pressing any key only has the message print again; I have to power the computer off and then turn it back on again.) When I reboot the machine it continues working fine. I contacted MSI and the tech support guy said it might be the hard drives, the sata cables, the sata ports, or bios settings, and then said I should run some diagnostics. Is this a reasonable suggestion on his part?

Like I said, my computer _can_ run normally, and it has the hard drives and the optical drive configured just fine, along with the boot order. I haven't made any major changes recently, and this has only just started happening. All the components were purchased new only a few months ago. Have you seen this before?
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    I've seen this also. It was the hard drive.
  2. What sort of test / diagnostics could I do to determine if it is the hard drive that has failed?
  3. So I resolved this. It was the hard drive; I swapped sata cables and ports without success, but cloning the boot harddrive onto a backup fixed the problem.

    So, I tried to RMA the SSD back to Crucial, but they asked me to try updating the firmware first. I did, and to my surprise it actually fixed the problem!
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