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I need help with choosing a new graphics card. I currently have an Nvidia gt 240 512 mb, but I want to replace it with something better for games. I'm not interested in 3D support or any other stuff like that, just good performance for videogames. My budget is of around 110 dollars. I have a 600 watts power supply, and the "bus type" is "x16 PCI Express" (I got that from the box of the gt240), Windows 7 64 and dual core Intel 2.6 processor. So basically, what's the best card for that purpose and within said price range?

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  1. You won't be getting anything that is going to murder the GT240 to be honest. Save up a bit. $150 will get you places.
  2. While I agree that 7770 is the best deal in you budget(and will overclock to the level of
    150 dollar cards or higher), I want to know more about your "dual core intel 2.6".
    That covers a pretty broad range of processors, from pentium d 805 2.66ghz through
    a Sandy bridge dual core of a similar clock speed. We don't want to recommend a
    card where you won't see its full potential if it is bottlenecked by your cpu.

    If you don't know specific details about your processor, download for free, install and
    run cpuz. That will give you a lot of info on the processor in your system. After we
    know more, we can guide you as to the best purchase(s) at or below your budget.
  3. My processor is Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300, does that help? And also, I would like the new card to remain useful for 2-3 more years to play new games (maybe not on highest settings, but intermediate), so if that budget won't be enough for that, I would be willing to spend more. So please tell me what's a reasonable amount to get that, and suggest a card within that price range. Thanks for your help. My RAM is 4 GB by the way.
  4. Personally I think you should go for the 7770 and if you can't play the latest games anymore, upgrade the processor.
  5. I'll just echo what everyone else said. The 7770.
  6. Can you tell us the maker of your mobo and its model number?

    How about the speed of your ram? is it ddr2 or ddr3?

    ddr2 is 200 base clock/400 double data rate, 266/533, 333/667, 400/800/, or 533/1066.

    ddr3 is 400/800, 533/1066, 667/1333, or 800/1600.

    Trying to figure out if you can overclock your processor a bit(maybe even with the stock
    intel cooler if that is what is on your cpu) so your gpu will not be bottlenecked.

    A quality mobo with bios options for adjusting ram ratios, base clock, and voltage is ideal.

    Since your cpu is a 2.6ghz pentium dual core e5300, your max multiplier is 13 times a base
    clock of 200(800mhz front side bus quad pumped) It's better if you have say ddr2 266/533
    versus 200/400 or ddr3 533/1066 vs 400/800(higher speed ram than the minimum that
    would already be matched to your base clock) so you can lower the ram speed to match
    the base clock and start moving it back into spec as you raise your baseclock to overclock
    your processor. For example: if you drop the cpu multiplier from 13 to 12 and set some
    ddr3 533/1066 to run at 400/800, then you slowly raise the base clock from 200 to 266,
    you ram speed would return to 533/1066 but your cpu would be 3.2ghz. If a core 2 duo
    e8600 can do 3.33ghz on a stock intel fan with 3x the L2 cache as your processor, you
    should have no problem hitting 3.2 with your pentium e5300. A good mobo and faster
    than minimum ram are the keys to this endeavor.
  7. Max TDP: 65 Wt Package: Socket 775 LGA Technology 45nm Core Voltage 1.088V Core Speed: 1199 MHZ Multiplier x.6.0 Bus Speed: 200.0 MHz Rated FSB 800 MHz Cache: L1 data: 2x32kbytes 8 way L1 Inst: 2x32kbytes 8 way Level 2: 2048 kbytes, 8 way. Manufactured by MSI, model Boston. BIOS is Phoenix Technologies Ltd. version 5.24. Graphic interface version PCI-Express Link width x16, Max supported x16. Memory is DDR2, 4096 MBytes, DC mode is Symmetric, DRAM frequency 400 MHz. The graphics card Clocks: Core: 405 MHz, Shaders: 810 MHz Memory: 324MHz.
    RAM is 4096 mb, (2x 2048 DDR2 SDRAM). Hope that helps. And as for the suggestion of getting that card, and after some time changing the processor, my only concern is that, according to what I've heard, it's more convenient to change the whole thing than the processor, because of the price. Is that true? Also, I do have the stock cooler.
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    My computer currently has a virus or something that redirects google search results when
    you click them, but I think I found more info on your motherboard and an overclocking guide
    on youtube for your mobo. Not sure how well it will work since the the video maker has
    ddr2 667 and you have ram of a different speed(so is that a base of 400mhz x 2 transfers
    per clock = 800 or is that 200mhz base x2 transfers per clock =400. If it is the former,
    hopefully you should be good. IF it is the later, that might not work. Apparently, your mobo
    does not have bios overclocking options. You can get a program that will do it in software.
    It's called setfsb. google it. maybe it will lock your pcie bus ,sata bus and memory so you can
    overclock with out knocking your whole system out of spec. Another program for overclocking
    is call overclockulator. I believe it lets you set memory ratios and lock down the pcie bus and
    sata/usb buses so you don't mess them up when you OC your cpu. Google is your friend.

    I think this is a page about your mobo:

    That one youtube video says to change fsb by 10mhz, but I suggest doing 5 at a time(60mhz
    increase in cpu clock at 12x multi) and prime95 torture test for 20min. if no errors, up another
    5mhz and test again. set a limit like 3.2ghz(not sure you can change mulitplier, but maybe
    3.46 would be ok. There may be a core 2 duo e8700 at 3.5ghz. Here's that youtube video:

    Good luck.
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