GPU requirements for dual external monitors on laptop?

I'm looking at the Sony S-Series and the base option for graphics is the Intel® HD Graphics 4000, but you can upgrade to the NVIDIA GeFore GT 640M LE (1GB) for $80. I'm not planning on doing any gaming, I just want to be able to watch movies in HD and plug in two monitors. One monitor could be a duplicate of the laptop screen or the laptop screen could just go blank for all I care.

Do I need to upgrade the GPU for this or am I good with the Intel GPU?
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  1. If you plan to watch movies on a big screen with the laptop monitor off, then go ahead with the HD 4000. Planning to use to screens at the same time will work, but there might be lag here and there (probably won't effect watching a video though).
  2. Would the lag not be an issue if I upgraded the GPU?

    The Macbook Air has this same GPU (Intel HD 4000) and this says it can manage up to three monitors.
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