Bottleneck for GPU upgrade

Hi all guys, like the title says i have to ask you about bottleneck problem for my GPU upgrade.
My specs are:
p7p55d deluxe asus mother board, i5-760 2.8 ghz (stock) ram 4GB 1600 mhz dd3 kingston, and as GPU 2x asus 450 gts sli, 600w corsair.
I change for Guild Wars 2 that i know is CPU bound, but i would like to play with better details and better fps in not crowd situation (i know my fps depend on gpu for crowded one).
The resolution i play is 1980x1020, and i don't want to overclock my CPU.
So my GPU choice is between EVGA 570 GTX and EVGA GTX 660ti.
Wich one you suggest me to avoid bottleneck? and if you suggest the 570 the overclocked stock version of that one is reliable?
ps: my mother board have pcie 2.0 i see that 660ti has 3.0 is a problem?

Thanks all in advance and sorry for my bad english :).
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  1. GTX 660 ti doesn't need the pci e 3.0 to be used, it just as good with your pci e 2.0.

    So in my opinion, go for the GTX 660 ti as it has GTX 580 performance, less power usage and 2GB of GDDR5, which will be good for your monitor, all for $50 more than a GTX 570.
  2. Both of them are good and your CPU won't significantly bottleneck either of them.
    But if you've got enough money to buy a GTX 660 Ti than you should definetly buy a HD 7950 instead.It's just FAR better.
    This is the card i'd get.
    It's more expensive than a GTX 660 Ti but it will also run cooler, quieter and it has HUGE overclocking headroom.
  3. CPU doesn't really bottleneck at that res. As long as you've got a decent quad-core, you're good. GTX 660ti hands down.
  4. Thanks guys, so you think i have better performance and fps with a 660 ti in Guild Wars 2? afriend of mine say that with a 570gtx i have no bottleneck and with 660ti i cansay if is reliable ths thing?
  5. UP...anyway in what consist bottleneck problem in game?
  6. Alpharius said:
    UP...anyway in what consist bottleneck problem in game?


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