I5 3750k stock heatsink good enough?

I'm basically wondering if it's necessary to get an aftermarket cooler/heatsink for my new i5 3570k build, or if the one that comes stock is just fine. I'll likely not do any overclocking for quite awhile if ever. Computer will be used in my home office for work and some gaming. Case is fractal arc midi which is supposed to have pretty good cooling.
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  1. typo in thread title, oops. :)
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    Yup your okay with the stock cooler, make sure it is properly fastened and your good to go. If you are doing pretty intensive CPU stuff, wouldn't hurt to watch your temps, and check your temps after your first start-up as well just in case. Only reason for you to buy a aftermarket cooler would be if you decide the stock cooler is too noisy when it is under heavy load.
  3. It's fine if you aren't going to OC. But, if not OCing could save a little money and get a 3450.

    If you want to leave the possibility open then by all means get the 3570k.
  4. On my i5 2500k the stock heatsink was awsome. I had no temp issues. I upgraded when I started overclocking.
  5. Great, thanks for the replies!
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