6870 - Samsung TV HDMI Dual Monitor issue

I recently purchased a HDMI cable to run from my XFX Radeon 6870 to my TV, to allow me to use it as a second monitor. At first I had some black screen issues, but now I can actually use it as a monitor.

The problem is, that the resolution/image quality on the TV (second monitor) is horrific.

I don't think it's an issue with the 6870 - I took a screenshot of my desktop and the image quality looked fine. It's just the visual on the TV itself which is displaying a poor quality image. I've tried multiple resolutions, refresh rates, all to no avail.

The TV is a Samsung LE19R86BDX/XEU, and I'm using the HDMI/DVI In port.

Any resolution suffers from the low quality issue.

Using the "Recommended" resolution of 1440x900 results in a "Mode Not Supported" screen on the TV.

I'll include a screenshot so you can see that the image quality is great in theory, however on the actual TV it's grainy, low quality, and the colours are distorted. http://oi49.tinypic.com/9pnh40.jpg

Thanks for your help!
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  1. use ccc display properties and set it to the max of the tv
  2. Tried that, along with all others. Scaling gets rid of some of the black bars, but not entirely. Image quality is still terrible.
  3. it could be your refresh rate but thats has to stay the same on both monitors tvs try another cable
  4. I'll try some of the different refresh rates again.

    I've managed to get rid of the black bars and get the picture to fill my screen by using 1280x720 resolution and 0% scaling in CCC.

    Picture quality is still bad, still tinkering. I read a suggestion about Samsung TV's that said editing the HDMI name to DVI-PC or PC would fix it, but changing it to PC did nothing for me.
  5. Just about all tvs are set to 1366x768 60hz, or 1920x1024 60hz. Try those two resolutions in the pc video settings. What is the model of tv you have?
  6. at 1440x900 you should just use a vga cable and skip the tv trying to format your hdmi input (ie - it thinks its going to be getting 720 or 1080 and trying to fit it onto its small screen) Well thats my theory and i'm sticking to it. LoL

    Ahhh crap - i just realized your 6870 wont have a vga on it... hopefully one of your dvi's will be analog capable.

    unfortunately your tv is a 16:10 where as hdtv is 16:9
    try running in 1152x720 or 1728x1080 if regular 720 & 1080 dont work well.
  7. I'm using a DVI-VGA adapter for my first monitor, doesn't work on the second DVI port like you said. So I really need to get this HDMI input working, or I'm going to have to buy a brand new monitor/TV.

    Also, I use the TV with my xbox via component. So, I'd need a TV or Monitor that can allow both DVI and Component to be used with it, preferably by just switching modes so I don't have to unplug things to switch.
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