How capable will this comp be?

Im looking at buying a pre-built computer primary for high-end gaming. The computer im currently looking at is:
Just to note, i will be replaceing the win 8 with win7.
Also, i will update the ram to 1600.

Will i need to update the graphics card?

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  1. I would not recommend that computer at all. You can build one much better for that price. I don't like prebuilts because they generally use low-end parts and they are very imbalanced systems all together.
  2. Ok. Thanks. Could you make a quick suggestion on processor and graphics card to use. I think i can figure out the rest.
    I would like to be able to modern games at max graphics. (Skyrim, Battlefield, Borderlands ect...)

  3. Processor and a GPU?

    Well, it depends on the price. For $1000 and your situation (assuming you will not overclock) I would go with a i5-34xx and a H77 motherboard, probably the ASRock H77 Pro4 (the ATX size one).

    As for the GPU, I would suggest the Radeon HD7870 or the HD7950, whatever fits your budget.

    Pretty sure you won't be able to find a pre-built for $1000 with those specs though.
  4. Na, if you think i should, I will go the extra mile, and build one.
  5. Up to you really. I can persuade you all you want, but in the end if you want a pre-built then that's cool. It will probably run fine as long as you get a decent power supply in it.

    I'm all about saving money though and getting the most out of the computer though. Some people have more money to blow, so saving money by building is not a huge issue to them.

    I also like the feeling of accomplishment of building.
  6. Basically, my computer still has a Pentium processor and literally cant even run minecraft. I'm a little lost when it comes to nice gaming computers. I found the videos on newegg about how to build a computer and it does not look that hard. Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. Its really not that hard at all, and is fun. Every time you turn it on, its like "hell yea I built this sucker"

    At least that's the feeling I get :/

    Let me know what you decide and we can pick some stuff for you.
  8. Here's some budget saving for you.

    While the Silent Pro is a very good power supply, its a bit expensive. You'd be just as well off with an 80+ Bronze from Antec or Corsair.

    If you plan to overclock, then get a CPU cooler for the 3570K. If not, then get an i5-34xx and a H77 motherboard.

    16GB of RAM for gaming is a bit excessive. 8GB should be fine.
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