Installed new motherboard - PC won't power on. Help!


I recently have acquired a new motherboard, a M5A99X EVO. All of my components are 100% fine, as I have checked them. I cardboard boxed the motherboard, with only the processor installed, to make sure it would power check and was not faulty. It did this fine. I then proceeded to add a component at a time, until everything was set up. The PC booted up successfully into Windows.

I left it on for around 10 to 15 minutes idle,where the screens went into 'no signal', and I assumed it had gone to sleep. I could not wake it up, so manually turned the machine off. Now I cannot turn it on. The ready state LED is green and ready, and I have gone back to uninstalling every component. The processor, power cables and power switch are the only things plugged in.

It refuses to turn on. Help?!

Thanks, Alex
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  1. What are the rest of your system specifications?
  2. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    I believe you are looking at one of two scenarios - hopefully the first of these.
    The first thing I would try here is resetting CMOS. Often enough in these cases, it's all that's needed.
    The second scenario is that your PSU may have died - a green light on the mobo does not neccessarily indicate "good" power. I would take the PSU and check the voltages just to make sure they are within specs.
    Hope it helps
  3. Thanks for the help guys.

    @Deemo13 - I only have my AMD Athlon II X4 620 processor and Corsair CX600W PSU plugged in, if that's the system spec you are after.

    @C12Friedman - in regards to 1) I went to the instruction manual to follow the procedure for resetting the CMOS, did it successfully, but no change to the system. My PSU is actually relatively new, and as far as I'm aware has no problems. It was working 100% fine with my last motherboard yesterday, so I'm very doubtful as to whether there is a problem with it. I do not particularly want to have to fork out money for a multimeter. Any other ideas?

    Thanks a lot.

    Update: Just tried the PSU with my old motherboard (a crappy ASRock one) and everything powered up perfectly fine. Leads me to think maybe a dodgy mobo?
  4. It might be a bad motherboard yes. I wouldn't resort to that though. There are other ways to make sure.

    Also, make sure there are no shorts on the motherboard.
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