im having a problem with my new ASUS HD 7850.
it was working perfectly with any game i launched for the last couple of weeks,
but for some reason today when i tried to play a game that worked already the screen started to give me a flickering screen and vertical lines.

Edit: i tried uninstalling the driver i had and installing the latest from asus website but it didn't help.
Edit 2 : im now monitoring the GPU with ASUS Tweak. and it seems that the GPU clock reaches its maximum in no time and doesn't lower it self..

here is my spec :

cpu: intel core 2 quad Q8200 @ 2.33GHZ
MOBO: gigabyte G41M-ES2L
Memory : 2X Dual channled Kingstone 2Ghz
GPU : Asus HD 7850
PSU: Mond Mode ATX-500

any i will be more the grateful for any help!

ty very much : )
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  1. voltage
  2. it can happen its doing it to me on my hd6950 im sending it back or bad vram
  3. but how come that it worked perfectly for 2 weeks and now its a voltage problem?
  4. When under any real load, the core clock will always rise to its max frequency and stay there until you stop using it. That happens on any card. Nothing to be concerned about.
    Try running Furmark, that is a GPU stress tool that will get the GPU to 100% load. If you notice the lines and other visual glitches (they are called artifacts) or the Display driver fails outright, there can be several reasons why.

    You have a bad overclock. Undo whatever overclock you have it on, then test it.

    Not enough power to the card. Are all the PCI-e cables plugged in? Also how old is that PSU you have? It seems to be a generic model, which arent to relied or trusted upon to actually output their rated wattage. These issues may be a a sign it starting to fail.

    Its running too hot, check the temperatures when using Furmark. If it stays under 85C, then theres no issue with temperature.

    The card may just be legit broke. Could have gotten a bad unit. Get a refund or replacement.
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