Old MoBo crapped out. Looking at these upgrades.

My old GA M55SLI S4 gave up the ghost yesterday and I'm looking to update my MoBo and processor on a budget (<$300 if at all possible).

As a web developer I run Eclipse and Inkscape all day as well as a WAMP stack. I also play League of Legends occasionally and watch movies at night (20" monitor).

Target Upgrades:
Intel Pentium G870 Sandy Bridge 3.1GHz $89


4GB Samsung 1.35V DDR3 1600 $15

Resuse: If possible I would like to reuse my Rosewill RP500 power supply and my existing seagate hdd (it has all my stuff on it anyway). I also have my ATI x1900GT I could call into service if necessary.

Will the above listed Motherboard, processor and memory be sufficient for my needs going forward? All listed items play nice together? Is there anything I'm forgetting? Finally, is the stock heatsink good enough or should I look at an upgrade?

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    The stock heatsink should be fine, and re-using all of your stuff would be nice. I would employ the X1900GT to play LoL, and since its better than the integrated anyway.

    The thing you might have to do though is reinstall Windows, as sometimes it doesnt play nice with new motherboards.
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