Asus m3n78 and AMd radeon xfx hd 6870 issues

Hi, so i bought a new card and it does not post nor does it beep giving me any kind of error please help lol.

My current specs are

AMD (tm) Phenom 9550 quad core 2.2ghz
diablo tek 775w
Nvidia geforce 8600gt
4GB ram
windows 7
Asus m3n78 pro ( bios version 1402)

I just bought a XfX HD radeon hd 6870 plugged it in, put the 2 - 6 pin connectors, made sure it was seeded correctly turned on the pc does not post, no beep codes either. I reset bios just incase, updated the chipset nothing oh and the fans run

I even took it to a friends place and he checked everything, this is my second one that i have, my old 8600gt works without issues.
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  1. Now take it to your friends install it on his computer and see if it works. If it works it's something with yours wrong if not you'll have to RMA it.
  2. Not saying it is, but it could be a pci-e compatibility issue.

    Found this info from your mobo; 1 x PCIe x16 (Support PCIe 2.0 / 1.0 Architecture ) HD6870 is 2.1.
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