New motherboard and processor

My motherboard has broken, USB over current and bad CMOS checksum.
I was using:

Asia m2n-mx
And athlon 64. 5600
400 w power supply 13/14 on 2x 12vrail
Geforce 8500 Gt
250gb hardrive
Windows xp oem

I'm thinking of getting an i5 2500k 3.3 and an
Asrock z77 Extreme 4. Is this a good plan? Id like it to be semi future proof, but cost is an issue so cheaper side grades would be good.

I'm also a bit worried about retrieving data from the hardrive, and being able to use my legit copy of windows if I put the new motherboard and processor in.

Any help greatly appreciated
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  1. Solved issue with windows just need thoughts on motherboard and processor
  2. Not sure on the USB over current problem, but the CMOS checksum error usually comes from either having the CMOS reset jumper in the reset condition (usually computer won't start like this) or the backup battery has worn out. That battery should be in a socket on the motherboard, and is usually labeled "CR2032"

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