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Hey, i bought a computer a few months ago for PC gaming, mainly skyrim. Unfortunately i didnt have much (and still dont) knowledge when it came to graphics cards, so i opted for a AMD Radeon™ HD 6450 GPU. This has lead to me not being able to play my games on the high resoulutions which up until now hasnt realy bothered me but now i think its time i upgraded to a better card so i can get to the high or ultra settings on games. my benchmark realy is Skyrim, id like to be able to play with a high FPS on high or ultra settings. My computers specs as it stands are:
AMD FX(tm)- 4100 Quad Core processor
and as ive said the AMD Radeon™ HD 6450 GPU.

any help would be much appreciated. And one last thing my price range is around the £100-£150 mark not too high i know but im in school so im not exactly rolling in money. thanks
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  1. You can't get much lower than a 6450, it's not even meant to play games.

    This should help you out,3107.html

    You haven't mentioned what power supply you have or what resolution your monitor is, so nobody could possibly make any recommendations.
  2. Hi.

    What psu do you have ?
  3. oh yeah i forgot, its a 500 watt psu
  4. GTX560Ti, GTX560, HD6870.
    What brand/model psu is it ? Important is to know how many amps you have on the +12V rail(s).
  5. ill try and check what make the psu is, but would a GTX card fit with an AMD motherboard? and sorry i dont know the screen resolution its just hooked up to a 19 inch HD TV
  6. Sure they work.
  7. is there a big difference between the GTX560 and GTX560i?
  8. ok cool ill look into those three now
  9. On your budget, you can probably find a HD7770 or HD6850. If your PSU has a PCIe power connector, it should be sufficient to run either of those, even if it is only capable of providing 400W. If you do NOT have a PCIe power connector, it is probably not safe to use adapters (you risk killing your system if the PSU is too weak), and the strongest card you should consider is a HD7750.
  10. thanks for all the help guys, im gonna look around and see which card will match my price range and needs best, and probably upgrade my PSU in the process :)
  11. Yeah, really make sure the psu is good enough.

    If you buy a new one ; corsair, antec, seasonic, xfx, ocz, be quit are good.
  12. thanks, im thinking about going with a AMD Radeon HD 6870. do u think it would be a good choice?
  13. That card would be nice. A quality 500W PSU will be needed. Look for 80+ certification; not so much for the efficiency, but because it will have been tested at 100% load for long enough that a cheap PSU would have croaked.
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