"setting up a computer network with 2 routers"

1. The network should have 2 local servers on the Head of departments subnet
2. The network should have a maximum of 2 routers with four ports each
3. The network should have a maximum of four 16 port switches
4. The network should accommodate the following set of people on separate subnets
• Admin staff (10Pcs)
• Academic staff(30PC with both wired and wireless access)
• Student(100PC with wireless access)
• The head of department (2PC wired connection )
• Post graduate students (50PC with both wired and wireless)
5. Use a maximum of two PCs on each subnet on your network diagram
6. Make use of the following IP address block for your design:
7. Do not allow for IP address wastage
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  1. We are not here to do your cisco/comptia homework......
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