New 500- 600 first build

hi ive just planed a new build and a upgrade plan over the next couple years. please take a look and give me your opinion. ty in advance

i will buy it around december christmas time

this build will mainly be for gaming like borderlands 2 battlefield 3 and crysis 3(i got the alpha but cant run it yay-_-)

i plan to over clock in the future and sli in the future

here is the build ive planed (i know its a litle bit over but im sure it will drop if not i can find some extra money)

this is what i plan to upgrade to eventuly

yes i know i dont have a graphics card but that will be the first thing i upgrade. also i would like to know of another powersuply around the same price preformance and is modular that is black so it maches the case its fine if there isnt
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  1. You probably don't need to spend quite that much on the motherboard unless there are some very specific features it has that you want. Try one of these instead:

    Buying the RAM one stick at a time isn't the most efficient, it's easy to pick up an 8GB kit for $30 these days if you watch for sales. There will no doubt be some good deals to be had around Black Friday.

    You actually will probably need more wattage if you're planning to SLI in the future. Something like this would do:

    Swapping motherboards would give you enough room in the budget to buy an 8GB kit up front and also upgrade the PSU.
  2. i was actuly planing to use the extreme 4 before but i looked at the asus and i reaseched it and found out it had very oc tools also it has wifi adapter. so now i have a few questions how hard is it really to overclock and whats a good wifi adapter because i cant move my modem
  3. so now ive changed it to this
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