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I recently got a Asus GTX 680 graphic card.

And I had a program called Nvidia on my computer that I needed before on my other graphic card, but I heard that the program that came with the cd has that installed with it or something? Because they said that I should delete all my Nivida programs, because I don't need it anymore, that what I installed with my cd was the drivers that I needed.

Should I just delete the Nivida on my computer?
Or keep it?

Because I am noticing some strange things from time to time, like when I try to play Guild Wars 2, it would sometimes freeze, not because of huge battles or something, just when walking around, and it stands before I start that game, that I need to update my graphic card to a newer date, the problem with that is that it only comes up that it isn't compitable with my graphic card, which makes we want to delete it even more.

Any ideas?
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  1. Your post is difficult to understand. Maybe I can help.

    Asus GPU Tweak is a graphics card utility that displays info on your graphics card and can be used to overclock it. Asus GPU Tweak is optional and can be deleted - it is not needed to play games. It is useful only to see info about your card (like temperature) or it can be used to overclock the graphics card.

    Don't delete programs that have nvidia in their name. Your problem might be helped by going to the nvidia website and download and install the latest drivers for your GTX 680.
  2. Ah, never mind, fixed it now, a friend came over and he just looked at me like I was the biggest idiot in the world and fixed it :P Dunno what he did, because I am not very good with such things. But thanks for the answer nonetheless. :)
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