Buy ati 7950...with i5 760 stock..bottleneck problem?

Hi guys, like the title says i have to buy a new GPU..before i was thinking about a 660ti..but now i think i change my mind to that ati now i have a i5 760 quad core 2.8 ghz and 2x 450 gts sli, i play at 1920x1080 and whanna change for Guild Wars 2. i want to know:
1) My i5 with the 7950 can cause bottleneck?
2) if bottleneck is caused what can cause that to the game and fps?
3) I'm ignorant in OC my CPU i only need a new cpu cooler to be safe?
4) In case that GPU can cause bottleneck would happend the same with a 660ti or 570gtx?
5)cans omeone explain me effect of bottleneck in gaming?

Thanks to all in advance, is similar to another thread i open but i ask other question here,so thank for your patience :).
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  1. The 7950 will be a good choice - get a 212 evo cooler and try increasing the bclck to 3.2GHz and then try small increases after that to get a stable OC.
  2. 1 ; don't think so.
    2; dunno
    3 ; yes ( and knowing what your doing )
    4 ; no
    5 ; sure ( but not me by me )
  3. Thanks for the answer guys :)
  4. Welcome. And about 5 ; i do know this ( i think )(maybe ) ; you don't see any stuttering or something because of a bottleneck. It just means that the cpu is being hold back from using it's full capacities because of a slower gpu or the other way around of course. They should be balanced.
  5. Just a micro/minor correction. Isn't Ati 7950. It's AMD 7950
  6. Ok guys thanks again :), i have another question, is that card compatible with my old mother board P7P55D Deluxe?
  7. Yes you have a 2.0 mobo so no problems to be expected there.
  8. Thanks m8 really gentle, i conviced me to buy this 7950..forst amd card ever bought, buyed always nvidia...can you suggest me a good GPU brand for amd solution? (i mean like nvidia evga, msi...)
  9. It will.
    Happy gaming !
  10. XFX, Sapphire, MSI, His. No Asus ( normally doing a great job ) ; i have heard some bad things about them with the new amd's.
  11. hope will do fine for Guild Wars 2...thanks a lot :D

    This is a good watch!

    Also, your processor is pretty good, you wont get a serious bottleneck, just overclock your processor and you will be golden. Also, an Hyper 212 evo will make you pull your processor little over 3.5ghz. So Go ahead and happy gaming :D
  13. What a weird bugs on that drawing board. They're in my pc ? Damned . . .

    Good link. ;)
  14. Does that guy ever stops talking ? God. Bla,bla,bla,bla,bla even my ex didn't top that.
  15. Try your new card with the CPU at stock first. If you are not satisfied with the performance then try a mild OC around 3.2 GHz. You don't really "need" a high overclock for games.
  16. Thanks again, very gentle all :)
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